What We Do:


1. Set you up.

  • Fill out and submit one form.  That's all it takes! Once your workflow is set up, simply dial our toll-free number, or log into your web based account and get work done.
  • Our workflow requires no investment in hardware or software. If you've got a telephone, fax or Internet access, you're good to go! There's no equipment, no software licenses, no training and - best of all - no learning curve for you or your staff to get started. 
  • The internet and our toll-free phone/fax lines provide fast, free access so you can easily delegate secretarial and administrative tasks
  • Get all your needs taken care of in less than 24 hours. You call in, upload, or fax your documents, to dos or entries and within 24 hours (Monday through Saturday) that work is done.

2. Give you time.

  • Stop working all the time!  At a fraction of the cost to locate, hire and maintain an employee, you have your very own Digital Assistant™ expertly performing the secretarial and administrative tasks that are a drain to your time and bottom line.
  • Free up in house staff for tasks that better utilize their skills. Don't tie up valuable staff time on initial drafts transcription! Remove this time consuming task and reap between 2-3.5 hours for every 1 hour of recorded dictation removed from internal processes. 

3. Simplify the process.

  • Nothing to buy. Nothing to update. LegalTypist doesn't sell hardware or expensive software that requires a lengthy learning curve, training or even licensing fees. Only $5.00 per month for unlimited use of our toll free dial in dictation technology and unlimited access to your own secure web based account for the direct up/download of documents and files.

4. Give you peace of mind.

  • Each custom workflow consists of patented, secure technology and experienced personnel. Security and confidentiality are our highest priorities. We have been actively researching and testing technology for over a decade. The best - we to put to work for our clients. LegalTypist uses only 100% U.S.-based people, processes and technology.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you aren't completely satisfied with any document or job, just call! We'll listen to your concerns, make the necessary adjustments or issue a prompt and courteous refund.

5. Deliver value not just documents.

  • Instantly eliminate the "To Do" pile. There's always something more important for you to be focused on - like servicing existing clients and finding new ones - but that doesn't mean you can let administrative tasks needed to keep your business running pile up. Use LegalTypist to get your time and billing up to date and your to do list ta done!
  • Digital Assistant™ Plans let you add on revisions; advanced word processing; time and billing; website, blog and social media set up, administration consulting, training and so much more!

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