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where old-fashioned service is provided by those who know how to

securely and professionally get the documents and data entry of law firms done





No overhead or wasted time searching for a qualified employee just to generate properly formatted documents or get your time and billing entered.

Boost personal and over all productivity - even take on more work - when you delegate the documents and data entry to the Digital Assistants assigned and managed by LegalTypist to get it done.

As a small practice in a rural area, finding the support staff to turn out quality work on a timely basis is always an issue. LegalTypist is the answer. Fast, friendly, and cost-conscious describe LegalTypist.

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Adding people to the mix makes a difference in any office and to any workflow.

Multiple person environments benefit from flexible, user-friendly processes to better manage overflow, after hours and time intensive projects.

LegalTypist's quality of work and responsiveness have far exceeded my expectations. Their consistent dependability has not only reduced firm expenses, but also my stress level.

Discover what LegalTypist can do to keep pace with your growing firm.

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The larger the environment, the greater the challenge in managing day-to-day processes and workflow.

Larger firms benefit by the ability to track and monitor productivity and profitability on a case, file or client basis. With staff ratios reaching 8:1, take some pressure off those in the trenches and use LegalTypist like a word processing department in web space.

I work for a very heavy work producer and without LegalTypist, I couldn't keep up with him.


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With a LegalTypist Workflow:


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If you can make a call, send a fax or upload a file, you can get your work done.


Get our professional services at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself or hiring additional staff.   Boost personal and professional productivity so you can start crossing things off your to do list!   Get  your documents, calendar and client information organized.  

Stop working all the time by leaving the documents and data entry to those who get it done!