Attorney, meet Assistant.

Whether you are a single attorney or part of a larger firm, LegalTypist makes it easy to build a trusted and productive relationship that gets your work done.

Not just transcription, establishing a workflow with LegalTypist makes outsourcing secretarial and administrative functions easy, fast and reliable.



LegalTypist delivers the perfect solution so you don't have to do it all in order to stay on top of it all!

An account with LegalTypist rids law firms of outdated processes, workflow bottlenecks and costly downtime.

By combining the right people, processes and technology for our clients, they easily and responsibly outsource time consuming secretarial work and efficiently delegate administrative tasks.

For some clients, we become a complete one-stop-shop for managing their documents and the administration of their firm. For other clients, we become a go to resource on an as needed basis.

Whether you are a true solo or part of a larger environment, outsourcing the secretarial and administrative functions frees up time -- time for you to concentrate on being a lawyer and serving your clients; and time for your staff to better manage in office responsibilities.  

Simply put, opening an account with LegalTypist immediately provides a way by which everyone at the firm can easily get the large/complex/legal word processing; overflow, data entry, time/billing and other work done.

Actual Client Comments:

LegalTypist's quality of work and responsiveness have far exceeded my expectations. Their consistent dependability has not only reduced my firm's expenses, but also my stress level. 

Gary Jackson, Esq.


I work for a very heavy work producer and without LegalTypist, I couldn't keep up with him.


Legal Assistant, 50+ atty firm


It is of great comfort to me to know that no matter what the task or time constraint, experienced people will be available to handle the support end of the matter.

John Lawrence, Esq.



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If you can make a call, send a fax or upload a file, you can get your work done.


Get our professional services at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself or hiring additional staff.   Boost personal and professional productivity and start crossing  things off your to do list!   Get  your documents, calendar and client information organized.   Stop working all the time by leaving the documents and data entry to those who know how to get it done!


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