LegalTypist is here

to tackle all your typing and to do's.

LegalTypist combines:

  • easy to use technology available from any telephone or internet connection - no servers, apps or equipment required; with
  • smart and experienced legal assistants who know how to get the documents and data entry, time and billing, secretarial and administrative work done.

LegalTypist delivers the perfect mix of people, process and technology so law firms and attorneys can easily outsource transcription and secretarial tasks, freeing up time for all in house personnel to get more done.

Our Clients:

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If they can make a call, send a fax or upload a file, they can get work done.


Get our professional services at a fraction of the cost of using in house staff for the same tasks.   Boost personal and professional productivity and start crossing things off their to do list.
  Get their documents, calendar and client information organized.   Stop working all the time and get more done by leaving the documents and data entry to us.

If you are seeking an economical, scalable, comprehensive and customizable secure digital workflow that includes the ability to immediately work remotely using nothing but a standard phone:


What Can We Do For You?

► type and format documents

► revisions to documents ► time and billing
► organize/update calendar ► transcripts of calls & meetings ► edit and proofread
► organize/update contacts ► product/service research ► website/blog/social media
► set up/work web accounts ► spreadsheets, PPTs, ezines ► event management
  ... and so much more!