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You process much more information than you did ten years ago. But do you have more time every day to do so? Unfortunately, while the practice of law has changed, the laws of physics have not. A day still has only 24 hours and you still need to sleep. Enter D-A-F-T™ — a new organizational system created by Virtual Assistant extraordinaire Andrea Cannavina.

D-A-F-T incorporates some of the principles of other systems such as FAT, Getting Things Done, and Zero Inbox, but with two important differences — less of a time commitment and more flexibility.

Put it to work in your law firm today.

D-A-F-T Your Way To Organized - *NEW* 3rd Edition | November 2013








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This e-book provides powerful but simple ways for anyone to organize their email and stop wasting so much time trying to find things IN it.

Goes far beyond suggesting the creation of folders and rules <-in fact, the less of those the better!

Get the framework needed to create a system to easily work for you and your inbox.

Will naturally organize your calendar too!