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Files are completed in Microsoft Word and returned to the email provided.
Acceptable file types: .mp3, .pdf and .wav.

No credit card necessary.

Just head on over to our Submit-A-File page, fill in your email address (where the test file will be returned); add a note that the file is a "test". You then select the "Browse" button to locate the test file on your equipment, and finally hit the "Upload" button to send it in. That's it! The email address you provide will receive an email from SendThisFile when your test is complete. Such email will contain a link to securely download your test file as a working Word document. 

Please note: the email address you provide is ONLY used for the return of your test file, or to contact you if we encounter a problem or have any questions. So please be sure to provide an email you actively monitor. If you would prefer a call should we have a question or encounter a problem, just include the number in the Notes section when you upload your test.

We truly looking forward to helping you!