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Intelligent Transcription™ ONLY

Intelligent Transcription™ Plus

Intelligent Transcription™ Pro

300 Minutes

$250.00 per month

Start with delegating the initial drafts of letters, motions, and other legal and business documents. Your Workflow will be credited with 300 Intelligent Transcription™ minutes each month to help get the work done!

500 Minutes

$500.00 per month

Add revisions, fill-in of forms, and data-entry work to your Workflow. Very quickly you'll see how removing such tasks from your own to-do gives you so much time each month!

1000 Minutes

$975.00 per month

Build on your Workflow, one document and task at a time. Busy firms looking to intelligently automate more than documents and data entry work pick this Plan to get our lowest (and best) rate!