Get Started:

Thanks so much for taking the next step to getting your workflow digital in all the right places! We've truly tried to make this as simple as possible.

How Do I Get Started?

Initial Workflows are charged with 100 Digital Assistant minutes for $100*. These minutes do not expire. See Terms below.

Use your 100 DA Minutes to delegate down and put LegalTypist Digital Assistants to work for your firm. "Work" includes Intelligent Transcription™ of legal documents, business correspondence, memos, agreements, discovery, notes, and other text, to revisions and data entry work, including time and billing. You tell LegalTypist what you need done, and by tomorrow, it is. Now let's get to work!

or call 1-866-848-2195 x104 today!


  • Initial Workflows accept work via the app Dictate+Connect or via direct upload at
  • All work is processed within 24 hours, 6 days per week (Monday - Saturday)
  • All time is tracked by Digital Assistant Minute
  • 10 DA Minute minimum per job
  • Users are contacted when 10 or less DA Minutes remain in their Initial Workflow

*100 DA Minutes for $100 is a Promotional Rate

Prefer to speak with someone before you sign up?

We know, it sounds too good to be true! Set up a call to find out for yourself just how valuable a LegalTypist Custom Workflow™ can be to your practice, your bottom line and your sanity. Simply dial 1-866-848-2195 x104 to speak with a Digital Assistant to get your firm set up for efficient productivity.