About LegalTypist

LegalTypist, a long standing leader in the legal and virtual assistant worlds, is committed to educating all about the benefits of upgrading antiquated processes to a digital workflow and compounding the return on investment with strategic process outsourcing.

Our custom and comprehensive approach removes the need for IT and HR staff to invest the time researching and testing. In fact, we work directly with Managing Partners, HR/IT Administrators to customize a solution that compliments the tech, equipment and people already in place.

LegalTypist’s innovative approach to outsourcing allows for the reallocation of in house resources and our easy to use technology allows attorneys to work securely from any telephone 365/24/7; thereby significantly increasing the acceptance of the upgrade while instantly providing the ability to work remotely in a secure and professional manner from any phone.

LegalTypist serves a wide variety of clients, including sole practitioners, multiple attorney firms and companies which service the legal industry. We offer toll-free dial-in dictation, are hard coded into the app Dictate+Connect, and users can always upload files directly at our site.

Our experience, our full understanding of the entire process and our commitment to our clients are simply not available anywhere else.  This is why LegalTypist is the premiere service for attorneys to leverage technology without becoming slaves to their computers and keyboards and for law firms to capitalize on strategic process outsourcing in order to increase productivity AND lower costs.

Simply put: LegalTypist is an affordable, scalable and reliable service for law firms of all sizes to get the documents and data entry done.