Andrea Cannavina

15+ years of legal secretarial and administrative experience coupled with 17 years as a Virtual Assistant, Andrea has carefully considered, thoughtfully developed and thoroughly tested the application of specific technology in law firms in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Andrea is a people person who enjoys helping people understand the purpose, design and coding of a website, as well as putting together the right processes and technology to get the paying work of law firms done. She is the creator of the D-A-F-T™ organizational process, CEO of LegalTypist, Inc. and is Director of the Virtual Bar Association.

Andrea's passions include the security and privacy of information in our digital age and helping people get and keep their office, email and businesses organized.

She frequently consults on office organization, email overload plus achieving and maintaining a professional web presence.

A sample of Andrea's past presentations include:

  • Getting Things Done - Productivity For Lawyers | Washington, DC Bar Association
  • Effectively Bringing Social Media Into Your Law Practice | Indiana State Bar Association
  • Managing Client Files From Start To Finish | Indiana State Bar Association
  • Outsourcing Common Business Functions | Chicago Bar Association
  • Websites 101 | San Francisco Bar Association


Are you looking to hire a dynamic and fun speaker for your next event?

If you want to boost productivity in your law office, Andrea has a full range of in-house workshops to help you do exactly that! From teaching her proprietary organizational system to help everyone better manage the demands of their time (and get out from under the burden that is their email inbox), to helping all to better (and more securely) navigate the web and social media - Andrea's hands-on 3 hours leaves audiences energized and proactively working on getting their inbox to empty.

Set up a call with Andrea to discuss your next event and check her availability. Note: Andrea will consider speaking at an event for free, provided her expenses are covered and it is for a good cause.

To learn more about Andrea's consulting services, visit her personal site: