Our Clients

Of course we don't speak of who our clients are!  However, they like to speak about us:

I have used Andrea’s services the last couple of years and have been very impressed. At the outset I was unfamiliar with the concept of a “virtual assistant” and did not know what to expect. Once I got started however, I quickly saw how valuable a team member she could be.

For starters and from a dictation standpoint, LegalTypist has been great. When I initially signed up I sent my letterhead and memo templates, as well as my formatting preferences. Now I can dictate as much or as little as I want, and the turnaround time is great. The work product they deliver is impeccable. I have a digital recorder that I keep with me in the car or briefcase. Frequently I will dictate letters as I drive or late at night. For example, last Sunday evening (10pm CST) I uploaded several letters and Monday morning by 10 all were in my inbox. (If I had marked them priority they would have been there quicker.)

With respect to practice systems and workflow, Andrea has been a God-send. She has the experience and perspective to help me find ways to work more efficiently. She has been an important part of me being able to manage my practice and cases in a less reactive manner. Additionally, Andrea has helped me identify ways to use and manage my staff better.

What I initially thought was going to be simply occasional assistance with overflow dictation has become an invaluable resource for managing my practice.

David H. Ogwyn, Esq.

Andrea listened to our concerns, was able to answer our questions about the options available, and put in place a process which has significantly reduced the turnaround time of our documents, our initial objective. Working with LegalTypist has also allowed our firm to reallocate in-house support resources and provided an easy to implement and secure method for attorneys to work remotely, further compounding the benefits of upgrading to digital from a tape-based dictation process.

Michael V., IT Administrator

Since my very positive experience with your service, I've recommended you to many others in my area. I think you are on the leading edge of providing services to a new practice paradigm that will ultimately make traditional law firm operations - with teeming support staff and stratospheric overhead - increasingly rare.

Fred McCormack, Esq.

As a small practice in a rural area, finding the support staff to turn out quality work on a timely basis is always an issue. LegalTypist is the answer. Fast, friendly, and cost-conscious are a few words that describe my experience with LegalTypist.

Todd Starr, Attorney

I have relied on the services of LegalTypist for nearly 13 years and can unequivocally state that the organization is most professional, courteous, and competent. If faced with a deadline or an intricate pleading, motion, or agreement, I will not hesitate to contact Andrea at the main office for assistance. The staff with whom I have dealt over the last three years has always demonstrated a true professional commitment, irrespective of when I have called to avail myself of their services. It is of great comfort to me to know that no matter what the task or time constraint, experienced people will be available to handle the support end of the matter. I consider this an invaluable asset to my practice.

John Lawrence, Esq.

LegalTypist provides fast, reliable and convenient service. The best part is LegalTypist is very responsive. That part is priceless!

William E. Manning, Esq.

LegalTypist is the best. You have helped take a lot of stress off when there are time crunches!

Michael Schiller, Esq.

LegalTypist's quality of work and responsiveness have far exceeded my expectations. Their consistent dependability has not only reduced my firm's expenses, but also my stress level.

Gary Jackson, Esq.

This service helps a great deal. I work for a very heavy work producer and without LegalTypist, I couldn't keep up with him.

Secretary at 50+ law firm.