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Reviews of D-A-F-T™

Email overload is a major problem for most professionals these days. The best advice is usually the simplest. Here's some simple advice: have a really basic system that you apply to your professional email. My friend Andrea Cannavina (of LegalTypist fame) gave a talk recently where she advocated using the “DAFT system”: that is, for all incoming email you either defer, act, file or toss. I use this system, and my favorite part is the toss.

Ernie The Attorney  | Email Management - 1st Step: Get Rid of Clutter

Those who know Andrea know she will help you with a click of her keyboard. Before you’ve ever finished the sentence, ‘Can you help me with? ... she’s figured out a solution. Seriously! She’s sharp, generous and very, very skilled.  In this guest lecture, she and I talk about her D-A-F-T™ system for handling e-mails and which has now become the exclusive way I handle the literally hundreds of e-mails I get almost daily.

Susan Cartier Liebel | Using the D-A-F-T System To Organize Workflow


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As business owners and professionals we are asked to process much more information every day, but while the ways business gets done have changed, the laws of nature have not and a day still has only 24 hours!

Enter D-A-F-T™ the deceptively simple system for getting business done. Read through this book and get a very powerful but simple tool to use to organize, file and find things, including things in and attached to email.

Goes far beyond creating folders and rules - creates a system that you easily put to work for you.

Learn to manage and process the hundreds, if not thousands, of emails you receive each week.  Stop putting out fires and wasting time looking for [_________] <-emails, receipts, papers, appointments, names, numbers (you get the idea)~

Learn to control your workday in addition to your inbox. Putting D-A-F-T™ in place not only tackles an overloaded inbox but also a disorganized calendar.  A must have tool for those with far too much to do an not enough time to get things done.

The Book is Set Up for Self-Study

It's a quick read (on purpose). Purchase your copy, take 20 minutes to read through it and put in place the suggested process to see if it doesn't help you ... the way D-A-F-T™ has helped countless other over-worked, stressed-out professionals!

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